Nominations are open for the BOB KIPPIN MEMORIAL COOLGARDIE Rockdrill Championship


16thSeptember 2018

 Spare block across the road from the Denver City Hotel on Bayley Street, briefing at 8.30AM. First heat at 9.00AM. Please note priority given to those who have paid their nomination fee.


 Confirmation of payment and registration between 6.00PM – 7.30PM on 14thSeptember at WASM Club Room.

Thanks to our sponsors;

BOB KIPPIN MEMORIAL COOLGARDIE Rockdrill Championship limited to:

  • 40 Beacon MineralsSingles (Drilling off twice)
  • 20 Northern StarDoubles (Drilling off twice)
  • 12 RocktechJack & Jill’s (Drilling off twice)
  • 8 Maher Mining Competitor will be picked out of the fastest time from the Singles event to determine the winner. Novices are competitors who have never drilled in competition before.
  • Maher MiningVeteran’s competitors will be picked out of the fastest 4 times from the Singles event for a drill off to determine the winner. Veterans are competitors with ages exceeding 65 years of age.
  • 8 WASM Students (limited to Volunteers)

12thSeptember 2018 to reserve entry positions. Entry positions for events will be decided by a “first come, first served” basis.

Clarification of successful or non-successful entry positions will be sent back to entrants no later than 12thSeptember 2018. Interstate participants may enquire about the likelihood of their position prior to this date in order to book flights. In the event that some or all of the events are oversubscribed, unsuccessful participants will be allocated a reserve number. If successful personnel fail to pay their nomination on the 14th of September 2018 at WASM Club Rooms in cash, their position may be given away by committee members of the WA Rockdrill Club to the next available reserve in attendance on the day. All competitors must provide photo ID when confirming their registration on the day.

Total Prize pool for events exceeds $14,000

Rules and Regulations

All drillers must wear: closed-in shoes (steel caps optional); glasses; gloves; hearing protection.

All timing is done with two handheld stopwatches, with the qualifying time to be the average of the two times. *Qualifying time in the singles will be the fastest of the two times from the heats. A driller can only qualify once.

Any disputes will be handled by the chief judge and their decisions is final.

All drillers start from the front of the stand.

A first false start sends the offender to the rear of the stand.

A second false start by the same driller results in disqualification.

No spitting of steels.

No trowing machines down.

No drilling with bridle up.

Each driller is responsible for their own air and water to be turned on.

Starting steel is to be at a 90 degree angle to the ladder and no more than 1m from machine.

Each dillier is required to load and unload their block from the stand.

Briefing will include any updated rules.



Driller/s will start with pitcher steel & drill 300mm then change over to 5ft steel & complete the drill. Steel must hit back plate of stand to be a legitimate time.

Failure to hit back plate is disqualification.


Jill will start from front of stand.

Jack will start from mark 3m behind ladder.

Jill picks up pitcher steel, insert into machine and puts bridle down, Jill then runs to Jack & tags him.

Jack picks up machine and drill to 300mm & then completes a steel change. Jack then puts steel back into the block, tags Jill who is behind the ladder at 3meter mark.

Jill then completes the hole through to back plate.

*Jack may be alongside Jill to assist if needed in a dangerous situation.

Jack may not start drilling after steel change is made.


Driller A starts from front of stand and will drill with 5ft steel, completing hole and withdrawing steel.

Driller A will then carry machine/leg to a mark, 3meter behind ladder and hand off to driller B who will carry machine/leg back to stand and bore a second hole in the same block.

Both holes must have hit the backing plate to be a legitimate drill – holes shall not intersect each other.

The Veterans competition will be picked from the fastest 4 times from the Singles division for competitors over the age of 65 years old. These fastest 4 competitors will then drill-off for the title.

The head judge has the final say on any decision throughout the competition, which may or may not include grounds for a re-run.