2015 RockDrill

Cruickshank sports arena, South Kalgoorlie, 11am First heat. Confirmation of payment and registration from 10am. Briefing at 10:45am for all competitors. All competitors must bring photo ID to confirm their position and age prior to competing. A competitor pack will also be issued at this time. Wrist bands (allowing free entry into the Kalgoorlie Boulder fair) for competitors will be available at the gate closest to the Rockdrill or at the Metropole Hotel on the 20th March between 6:30pm and 7:30pm. All other spectators/entrants into the fair grounds (inclusive of the rockdrill area) will cost $10 for Children & Seniors, and $15 for adults.


DTA – Ausdrill Kalgoorlie-Boulder 2015 Rockdrill Championships

Cruickshank sports arena, South Kalgoorlie, 11am First heat. Confirmation of payment and registration from 10am. Briefing at 10:45am


DTA – Ausdrill Kalgoorlie-Boulder 2015 Rockdrill Championships limited to;

  • 48 Singles
  • 24 Doubles
  • 20 Jack & Jill’s
  • 12 WASM Students (limited to Volunteers)
  • Veteran’s competitors will be picked out of the fastest 4 times from the Singles event for a drill off to determine the winner. Veterans are competitors with ages exceeding 65 years of age

Western Australia Rockdrill Club_Nomination form_Rev1

Email warockdrillclub@gmail.com by 1st March 2015 to reserve entry positions. Entry positions for events will be decided by a “first come, first served” basis. Payment must be received prior to the event, either by cash on the 20th March 2015 at the Metropole Hotel from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, or by electronic funds transfer – details by request.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Closed in shoes, eye protection and gloves must be worn. Other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is strongly encouraged.
  2. No machine (aka, Airleg or a Rockdrill) is to be started until the bridle is down. All machines must start on the ground behind the ladder.
  3. No spitting out steels.
  4. Any hole that runs along the side of the steel pipe and fails to hit the backplate will result in disqualification
  5. A clean hole must be drilled through the back of the concrete cylinder and must hit the rear plate. The block will be checked if in doubt.
  6. Timing will start from the front of the drill stand and a false start will see competitors relegated to the rear of the stand. Second false start will result in disqualification. Times will be decided by two stop watches and an average of the two times will be the recorded time.
  7. Competitors are responsible for their air and water taps to be turned on.
  8. Singles competitors will commence with a short steel and drill to a mark on the steel, then change to the long steel to complete the hole once the official gives the signal to change. Short steel to be 90° to the ladder on the ground. 5 foot steel to be vertical in holder at start of drill.
  9. Doubles first driller will drill a hole with a 5 foot long steel, retract the machine and steel and carry to the mark, hand over the 2nd driller who will drill the 2nd hole through the same block with the same steel. If holes meet or intersect before exiting the block both entrants will be disqualified in the doubles division.
  10. Jack & Jill will start with the male to drill with a short steel, Complete a steel change and put a 5 foot steel back into the block. Run back to the mark and tag the female competitor to finish the hole.
  11. The fastest 12 competitors in the Singles will progress through to the quarter finals, the fastest 8 Singles competitors will then progress through to the semi finals, the fastest 4 Singles competitors will progress through to the final and the fastest 2 Singles competitors will progress to the grand final (drill off). Doubles will take the fastest 8 times for quarter finals, then the fastest 4 times for semi finals, then the fastest 2 Doubles teams will progress through to the grand final (drill-off). Jack & Jill will take the fastest 4 times for the Semis finals, then the fastest two times for the Grand final.
  12. The WASM student competition will be the same rules as the Singles competition and will be awarded on the fastest time. Only 1 attempt will be permitted. Limited to 12 drillers.
  13. The Veterans competition will be picked from the fastest 4 times from the Singles division for competitors over the age of 65* years old (*Subject to change). These fastest 4 competitors will then drill-off for the title.
  14. The head judge has the final say on any decision throughout the competition, which may or may not include grounds for a re-run.
  15. The novice event will be the fastest singles time recorded for a driller who has not drilled in a rockdrill competition previously.
  16. The Singles and Doubles grand final will involve competitors/teams to drill out two blocks, using two rockdrill machines. The machine and steel must be withdrawn from the block once the first hole is completed and laid on the ground and turned off before proceeding to the next block. The machine must not be dropped. This rule does not apply to the jack and Jill grand final where the machine and steel can be left inside the block.


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